• Low Voltage Wiring: All wiring to the automatic

bollards is low voltage DC (24 Volts). This eliminates
the cost of installing high voltage cables.


  •  Clear Stop & Go Indication: High power, long life red and green LED lighting provide stop-go indication.

Flashing red while bollards are moving and optionally
for a preset period before the bollards begin rising.
Green for vehicle to proceed.


  • Robust & Durable Construction: Electronics

are housed in a completely sealed enclosure
manufactured from high impact acrylic. Damage to
exposed outside acrylic lens will not enable moisture
to reach electronics assembly allowing the module to
continue functioning while minimizing cost of repairs

  • Stainless Steel Finish: Bully Boy Bollards employ

a brushed 316 grade stainless steel surface finish.
Bully Boy’s finishing process allows the stainless steel
surface to be quickly and easily restored to an as new
appearance. The elastomeric wiper seals clean the
barrier ram surface on every operation.

  • Impactful appearance: Bully Boy’s solid

appearance combined with the stand out red and
green LED lighting present a strong yet professional
vehicle security barrier. Particularly at night, the red
LEDs are a significant addition to any properties
security presence.

  • Interfacing to third party equipment:

• Interface options to third party access control
systems & building management systems.
• Interface options to remote control receivers,
keypads, swipe card reader systems.
• Interface options to safety devices, vehicle loop
detectors, infrared beams.
• Liquid crystal character display: Provides a clear
indication of system status and event reporting.

  • Menu Driven Setup and Configuration:

All setup and behavior options are configured via a
menu system accessible via the display and keypad.
Additional features and setup options can be added
without requiring changes to hardware.

  • Optional Cellular Modem: The BULLBOY system

can be operated and controlled remotely via SMS
messaging. Complete system monitoring of alarm
events and system status also available via
SMS messages.

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