UDS Sensor

INDECT‘s UDS Installation System is a modular system consisting of INDECT‘s UDS
installation articles and off-the-shelf C-channels, conduits and cables for cost-efficient and
quick sensor installation.

Since the UDS is installed at the front edge of the space, and the space indicator LED is in
the sensor, sensor installation is fast and cost-effecive, saving labour and installation
material as compared to conventional ultrasonic sensor installation in the center of the


Rapid mounting . Using standard C-channels or conduits, run cables in C-channels or
conduits. Or use existing lighting channels for sensor installation.

Rapid wire connection. Push-in direct connection terminals and daisy-chained bus

Cost-effective cabling. Using local standard cable NYM-J 4x1.5 mm² / AWG16.
Simple slide-in sensor mounting. Slide sensor onto mounting ring fixed to ceiling, Cchannel,
or suspended on threads
Adjustment to any space type. The UDS can be turned to adjust to, for example,
diagonal spaces.
Sensor position lockable. Fix sensor in its position with tamper-proof Torx screw.

UMS Sensor

INDECT‘s UMS is a ceiling-mounted ultrasonic sensor used for precise vehicle detection in
indoor car parks. The UMS is part of INDECT‘s Space Administration System ISA.

The UMS is available with integrated space indicator LED or external space indicator LED,
both in a double- or single-sided version.

The UMS is CE and EMC certified and has been developed and produced in compliance
with ISO 9001.

The UMS’s casing and firmware was reengineered in 2012 and now provides even better
detection accuracy.


• Ultrasonic transducer in automotive quality
• Smallest dimensions, ultra-flat design
• Rapid mounting through mounting plate and secure clamp system
• High-quality, fully encapsulated and dirt resistant ultrasonic transducer (IP65)
• Rapid wire connection through push-in direct connection terminals
• Cost-effective wiring with standard cable NYM-J 4x1.5 mm² / AWG16
• Remotely updateable firmware to guarantee state-of-the-art detection also of future
vehicle types
• Sensor sound inaudible for humans
• Completely independent sensor operation also without central control
• Maintenance-free
• Available also with built-in or external RGB Space Indicator LED
• Cable compartment covers for C-channel installation, conduit installation and 3-knockout
cable compartment cover for flexible cable entry to be decided on site, for example
if the cable is run in the ceiling