Upsolut Sensor – Camera Based Technology

A key component of the system is Indect’s unique feature packed Upsolut Multifunction Ceiling Sensor (MCS). One sensor can be used to detect cars in up to 6 parking spaces. UPSOLUT uses state-of-the-art vehicle detection technology and can carry optional equipment and software to enable:

 License plate recognition
 “Find my car” functionality.
 Video stream capture
 Surveillance camera
 Audio output


Vehicle detection is extremely quick and guarantees high accuracy under all ambient and light conditions in under-cover parking garages from 2 to 20,000 lux.

The sensor is installed in the garage driveway. This allows for quick installation even in parking areas that are occupied 24/7. There is no need to move cars to perform the installation.

Indect’s advanced detection technology can reliably and accurately detect vehicles regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. Indect Upsolut is much more accurate that other camera based systems on the market. Each Indect sensor has an onboard computer to run an algorithm that includes:

 IR image analyzer
 Contrast detection
 Object recognition
 Detection of irregularities

Indect provides the highest level of accuracy of detection by combining all of this data in our detection algorithm.

Like other Indect products, the Upsolut is designed to withstand the rigors of the parking garage environment. The Upsolut is the only IP67 sensor on the market. That means it can be completely immersed in water and is sealed completely against dust. This reduces the cleaning maintenance associated with other camera sensors.

The image above is an actual still shot from an Indect Upsolut sensor. The sensor uses a 5- megapixel imager that provides high resolution photos.