Bully Boy Retractable Bollard 

An automated retractable bollard that is unique because it is pneumatic, rising through air pressure, rather than hydraulic and therefore does not incorporate motors, pumps, valves, hydraulics, off the shelf pneumatic cylinders or high voltage wiring, which are prone to failure and corrosion.

The automated bollards have just one moving part (the barrier ram itself), use a single conduit for the air pipe and electricity and have sophisticated electronic controls enabling activation by pin pad, swipe card or remotely by cell phone.

They are reliable, low maintenance, tough, intelligent, built-to-last, beautifully designed, easy to install and due to the smart design and local manufacture, both high quality and cost effective.


Deep ground embedment: 40% of the moving barrier ram remains underground when the bollard is raised. The result is a deep foundation which achieves high strength without requiring a complex and expensive casing.

• Solid barrier ram: Surrounding the bollard cylinder, the bollard ram is strengthened from top to bottom with 15 lengths of 20mm reinforcing bar encased in 80MPA grout. The barrier ram is made from marine grade stainless steel, is extremely strong and difficult to cut through.

• A patented “lifting” mechanism to move the bollard barrier ram: The lifting mechanism is inherently robust and insensitive to overloads such as a vehicle wheel driving over the bollard, even when in a slightly raised position.

• Reinforced Concrete Foundation: The entire bollard assembly is encased in concrete foundation. A soft drainage layer is NOT required beneath the bollard casing.


• Simplicity in Design: In contrast to competitor’s products a BULLBOY bollard assembly does NOT contain electric motors, pumps, valves, off-the-shelf pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic or electrical components. Eliminating this type of equipment from the bollard assembly greatly improves reliability and simultaneously lowers maintenance requirements.

• Corrosion Free Design: BULLBOY bollards are free of corrosion issues ensuring a long service life. This has been achieved through careful design and selection of construction materials.