HTS sets the standard as a world leader in image processing based solutions, delivering value added vehicle data for revenue control, automation and security applications.

Driven by ever-increasing needs for automation and security, our products serve as core technology
enablers for automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, as well as for
security, access control and other logistics systems. Our LPR/ANPR based systems provide customers with the ability to monitor and control their operations, improve productivity and enhance security by providing real-time data solutions. The rich sets of products and services allow our customers to improve their operational efficiency with a measurable and sustainable return on investment.

Low to Medium Speed Access Control, Parking and Security Applications

The HTS VRS N70 imaging unit Vandal Proof 2MP IP camera with customized illumination and motorized lens, for optimum LPR performance in low light and all weather conditions, for essential logistics and security performance. The N70 provides precision and efficiency in low to medium speed access control, parking and security applications, including critical facilities for all reflective and non-reflective license plate types.

The VRS Lane Controller is an essential real-time hardware communication interface to and from HTS Vehicle Recognition Imaging Units and the HTS Vehicle Recognition System (VRS).

The Lane Controller processes vehicle information received from the imaging units, such as vehicle identification or device functioning status, and transmits this data to the VRS via WLAN, LAN or Ethernet. The controller also communicates back to the imaging units—delivering information such as configuration instructions or event triggers.

Lane Controllers are  available in a small fan-less design housing for VRS installations. Three models are available, differing in the size of the storage, memory and additional server software. The controllers are shipped pre-installed with all software and applications for a quick turn key installation.